Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Hello, my name is Devon Vester. I am here to talk to you about vehicle storage options. I have a strong passion for vehicles of all kinds. As a result, I am always picking up vintage vehicles to fix and sell. Unfortunately, I only have one authorized parking spot in front of my home. I cope with this limitation by storing all of my acquired vehicles in a high quality facility. Storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage options for vehicles. Indoor options may even be temperature and humidity controlled to protect the paint and interior materials. I hope to explore all of the storage options to help you pick the best unit for your vehicles. I will talk about the different vehicle parts that benefit from sitting in a garage rather than staying outdoors in the elements. Thank you.

How Using Self-Storage Units Can Help You With A Home Sale And Move


Selling your house and moving can be stressful enough as it is, but it often becomes even more stressful when you need to go through a lifetime of items you've accumulated. Having too much "stuff" around your house can even slow down a sale, as buyers may not be able to see your home through all your clutter and in turn, you have fewer offers for your house.

Using a self-storage unit during this time can help in a variety of ways. Consider why you might rent one when trying to sell your home and during a move to make the process easier for you.

1. Packing up the clutter

What seems like clutter to potential buyers or your real estate agent may be valuable possessions to you, and you may hesitate to part with them just to sell your home. In those cases, you can simply pack up your items and put them in storage while your home is on the market. These items might include seasonal clothing that are overwhelming your closets, knickknacks from around the home, movie and games that take up space in the living room, and so on.

By clearing out these items potential buyers will respond more readily to your home and by putting them in storage, they're still accessible and nothing is actually tossed out.

2. Spreading out the moving process

One reason that moving is so stressful is that many homeowners wait until the last minute to pack up their items, since they don't want boxes underfoot. When you rent a self-storage unit you can spread out the moving process and make moving day easier on you.

You might pack up seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, family heirlooms, extra linens, and items like these that you won't need between now and your move. Put these boxes in storage so that moving day means fewer boxes to pack in the truck.

3. Helping you organize

Using a self-storage unit (such as those offered by Epic Group Inc) can also help you get organized during a move, as you can bring those boxes back into your new home slowly. Rather than feeling as if you need to unpack everything at once to get boxes out from underfoot in your new home, you can unpack one room one day, then go back to the self-storage unit and get boxes for another room on another day. This can help you to stay organized during a move as your boxes and belongings are not scattered all over your new home, making the process much less stressful.


19 January 2015