Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Hello, my name is Devon Vester. I am here to talk to you about vehicle storage options. I have a strong passion for vehicles of all kinds. As a result, I am always picking up vintage vehicles to fix and sell. Unfortunately, I only have one authorized parking spot in front of my home. I cope with this limitation by storing all of my acquired vehicles in a high quality facility. Storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage options for vehicles. Indoor options may even be temperature and humidity controlled to protect the paint and interior materials. I hope to explore all of the storage options to help you pick the best unit for your vehicles. I will talk about the different vehicle parts that benefit from sitting in a garage rather than staying outdoors in the elements. Thank you.

Easy Ways To Save On Your Storage Unit


Are you interested in renting a storage unit and want to be certain that you get the best price in town? If the cost of your storage unit rental is your biggest concern then there are going to be a few factors that you will want to take advantage of, like the following:

Pay With Cash:

If you are negotiating with the storage unit property manager and want to be confident that you obtain the lowest rent price possible then consider paying with cash instead of a credit or debit card. By doing this you can prevent the merchant from having to pay any credit or debit card processing fees, which he or she may able to pass this savings on to your rent cost. This could end up saving you 10%-25% on your total.

Avoid Major City Locations:

If you happen to live in a major city, consider making the investment of driving an extra 10-20 minutes outside of the city to find a storage unit location. This investment could save you big as major cities may have a higher markup price due to the huge market they are presented with. Taking advantage of this will help you save money and allow you to rent from a storage facility that isn't so busy, which can help you obtain a better quality unit and better quality customer service.

Find a Long-term Contract:

Instead of paying month to month on your unit rent, consider signing a long-term rental contract when first signing up for your unit. By doing this, you are ensuring that your storage unit rental company will have your business for a certain amount of time and they will likely have discounted rates because of it. So, if you know you're going to need your unit for a long period of time, definitely be sure to take advantage of this saving opportunity as it is easy and very convenient as it won't take any additional work on your end.  

So, before you speed off to find your new storage unit, be sure to take it upon yourself to apply these tips so you can be confident that you are going to maximize your savings when you rent your unit. Along with helping you financially, using these tips will also help you find a storage unit you can trust to keep your property safe and secure from potential damages and theft accidents.


15 July 2016