Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Waiting For Residential Movers? 4 Ways To Make Packing Easier

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So you need residential movers? You aren’t alone. Current stats show that more than 35 million people move a year. Whether you’re moving across town or going to a new state, preparing for your move means packing, packing and doing some more packing. Before you start tossing your things into random boxes, check out these tips for organizing in a way that will make your move much smoother. Come Up With a Code Some people respond to colors, others like numbers, and you might prefer letters or words. Whatever your preference is, come up with a code for your boxes. For example, you decide to go with a color code. Make a master sheet that spells out your packing code. This might mean red equals bedroom items, blue equals bath, green is dining items, yellow is for the kitchen things, and purple boxes have playthings in them. Grab a set of markers and color one side or a large part of the top of each box. You can do the same thing with numbers (such as one equals kitchen items) or letters (use the first letter of each room). Think Outside of the Box Boxes aren’t the only way to pack your stuff. Yes, they certainly make moving easier. But some items don’t fit nicely in boxes. Take a look at what you have to pack up. Soft items such as pillows, blankets, towels, and your child’s plush toys don’t need to take up precious box space. Instead of pushing soft or fluffy items into rigid boxes, try a more flexible option such as a large-sized garbage bag. Leave a Few Empties Your residential movers are coming at 7 a.m. It’s the night before and you want to make sure that you’ve packed absolutely everything. But then you realize that you’ve packed up your baby’s bottle rack (which you need) and all of the towels (again, which you need). Leave a few empty boxes out to put those items that you’ll need overnight into. Keep these last-minute boxes ready, adding in whatever you need to keep out the day of the move. Keep Your Groups Unpacking is much easier if you’re not sifting through all of your boxes, trying to sort which ones go where. Group your boxes by room or type of item that they’re holding. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the bedroom boxes in the bedroom, the kitchen boxes in the kitchen, and so on. You can move everything to one convenient space (making it easier for the movers) and still keep them together in their groups. Ask the movers if it’s possible to also keep the groups together in the moving truck. Make your move easier with a few simple prep steps. From coding your boxes to keeping them grouped together, you can organize your things in a way that makes both the packing and unpacking processes...

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Easy Ways To Save On Your Storage Unit

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Are you interested in renting a storage unit and want to be certain that you get the best price in town? If the cost of your storage unit rental is your biggest concern then there are going to be a few factors that you will want to take advantage of, like the following: Pay With Cash: If you are negotiating with the storage unit property manager and want to be confident that you obtain the lowest rent price possible then consider paying with cash instead of a credit or debit card. By doing this you can prevent the merchant from having to pay any credit or debit card processing fees, which he or she may able to pass this savings on to your rent cost. This could end up saving you 10%-25% on your total. Avoid Major City Locations: If you happen to live in a major city, consider making the investment of driving an extra 10-20 minutes outside of the city to find a storage unit location. This investment could save you big as major cities may have a higher markup price due to the huge market they are presented with. Taking advantage of this will help you save money and allow you to rent from a storage facility that isn’t so busy, which can help you obtain a better quality unit and better quality customer service. Find a Long-term Contract: Instead of paying month to month on your unit rent, consider signing a long-term rental contract when first signing up for your unit. By doing this, you are ensuring that your storage unit rental company will have your business for a certain amount of time and they will likely have discounted rates because of it. So, if you know you’re going to need your unit for a long period of time, definitely be sure to take advantage of this saving opportunity as it is easy and very convenient as it won’t take any additional work on your end.   So, before you speed off to find your new storage unit, be sure to take it upon yourself to apply these tips so you can be confident that you are going to maximize your savings when you rent your unit. Along with helping you financially, using these tips will also help you find a storage unit you can trust to keep your property safe and secure from potential damages and theft...

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Essential Supplies That Will Make Your Moving Day Easier

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Investing in the right moving supplies before you start packing for a move will make your life easier. Doing so gives you the ability to get a selection of appropriately sized boxes that will keep your possessions safe and sound during the move. Other moving supplies, such as bubble wrap, are also ideal for preventing breakages that could sour an otherwise successful day. Beyond these staples of any successful move, there are a handful of other supplies that you should make sure to get. These will make the move easier for you and your helpers, as well as possibly even prevent injuries. Here are some supplies to make sure you pick up. Hand Truck A hand truck provides multiple benefits on moving day — it helps you move large quantities of items quicker, makes navigating the stairs easier when you’re carrying something heavy and can even prevent you from hurting your back. Hand trucks will often allow you to stack multiple boxes on them, and given that boxes will often make up a significant percentage of the items that require moving, you’ll be able to carry boxes faster with a hand truck than by hand. Mattress Bags As their name implies, mattress bags are large bags that slip over your mattress on moving day. This prevents the mattress from getting dirty when it sits in your driveway or is dragged across the floor of your moving truck, as dirt pushed into the mattress can be difficult to clean. With a mattress bag, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Dish Boxes One of the most time-consuming parts of packing can be getting your kitchen together. Individually wrapping each plate and piece of china in newspaper and then cramming them into a box isn’t the best solution. Instead, get a bunch of dish boxes. These padded boxes are available in multiple sizes and simply allow you to stack your plates and other china into them in a fraction of the time you’d otherwise spend performing this job. Glass Boxes Similar in some regards to dish boxes, glass boxes will prevent you from having to individually wrap your glasses and pack them in large boxes with the hope that they won’t get broken during the move. Glass boxes are divided into a number of small compartments that will easily hold your glasses and keep them safe until you unpack them in your new home. If you’re looking for moving supplies, contact a dealer in your area like Route 37...

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Three Questions To Ask When Hiring An Interstate Moving Company

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Planning a move from one state to another can be a bit more stressful than a local move. You can’t be in two places at once, so you’ll need to be able to trust that your moving company will handle everything from the packing of the truck to the unpacking of your items. As you interview moving companies to find the best one for you, there are a few key questions you should ask to ensure you are hiring a reputable company with the best service possible. Here are some of those important questions to ask. Do You Use Subcontractors? It’s important to know if your moving company like M Dyer & Sons Inc will actually be doing all of your moving. Some companies subcontract interstate moves, which means your moving company will only pack up your items and drive them part of the way to your new home. Another subcontracted company then takes over the driving and delivers the items to your new home. You’ll want to hire a company that does all of its own work, as this reduces the possibility of less-then-capable movers handling your items. What Insurance Do You Offer? Even under the best of circumstances, items can be broken or damaged while in transit. Your interstate moving company should have a process for reimbursing you in the event that one of your items is lost or damaged. Be sure that you understand how the moving company’s procedure for reimbursement works, and make sure that you have a way to list the value of your items in advance. This will help you in case a valuable or heirloom item is lost or damaged, as you will have proof of the item’s value when you file a claim with the moving company. What Additional Services Do You Offer? You’ll likely be tired after all of the planning, packing and moving. Look for a moving company that offers additional services that can make your move go smoothly. These services might include packing and unpacking your items, assembling new furniture in your new home and setting up electronic components. While these services aren’t a must for an interstate moving company, they can help to reduce the stress that comes with settling into a new home. Be sure to ask if the moving company hauls away moving boxes, as your new home may not have a recycling dumpster that can accommodate the boxes. Even this tiny service can be a big stress reducer. Take the time to ask as many questions as possible when you interview your moving company. If you prefer not to ask all these questions over the phone, ask them in person during your in-home estimate. This will give you a feel for the company’s friendliness and make it easier to ask any additional questions that come to...

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Storing A Washing Machine: 4 Rules To Follow

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You might think storing a washing machine is as simple as unplugging it, sticking it in a moving truck, and then plopping it in a storage unit at a place like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights. However, if you go this route, chances are good that your washing machine will emerge from storage damaged, chewed by rodents, or otherwise unusable. When storing a washing machine, make sure you follow these four rules for success. Rule 1: Clean it out beforehand. It’s a common misconception that washing machines are clean inside. If you have a model where this is possible, tip the interior basket to the side a little; you’ll probably see all sorts of yucky soap scum and grime around the edges. In storage, this grime can start to take on a pretty nasty stench, so it’s best to remove it before storing your washer. Purchase a washing machine cleaner pack from your local store, and use it according to package instructions. Typically, you just run an empty load with the cleaning solution, which loosens and washes away the grime. Rule 2: Make sure it’s completely dry inside. To make sure your washer does not get moldy in storage, leave it open to dry for at least a day after you’re done cleaning it. If the machine is in a humid basement, you may want to carry it upstairs at this point, so it can dry out properly. Rule 3: Choose climate-controlled storage. Today’s washing machines have a lot of electronic and computerized components that can be rendered useless if they go through a lot of changes in temperature or humidity. To ensure you don’t rust out your computer components, always choose climate-controlled storage for a washer (and for any other large appliance, for that matter). The only exception to this might be if you know you’re only storing your washer for a few weeks, and you know the temperature will be quite stable during that time. Rule 4: Disconnect the hoses. Always disconnect the hoses from the back of the washer. If left in place, these can be an appealing hideout for rodents and bugs. Wash the hoses, let them dry completely, and then store them inside the washing machine for safe keeping. If you follow the rules above, you’ll increase your chances of pulling your washer out of storage in good condition. Be sure to leave yourself a few days time for the preparation process, since you’ll need to wash and dry your machine...

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Storing For Easy Access: Tips To Help You Find What You Need When You Need It At Your Self Storage

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Many people who rent self storage units are most concerned with packing as many boxes into their space as possible. To these customers, maximizing the use of space is more important than gaining easy access to the boxes in storage. Still, some people who rent self storage are concerned about gaining easy, quick access to their belongings. If you are one of these people, follow these tips to store your items and retain easy access to all your boxes.  Label Each Box on All Sides The first and most important thing you can do that will help you find the box you need when you need it is to clearly write the contents of each box on all the sides as well as the top. Preferably, you’ll use new boxes to store these items. However, if you choose not to use new boxes, be sure to cross off any old labels on the boxes so the words can’t be read any more. Avoid Packing Unrelated Contents into Boxes When packing boxes, avoid the temptation to put unrelated categories of items into a single box. For example, never mix your Christmas decorations with old kitchen supplies. Fitting together unrelated items into one box will make it harder to store the boxes in a way that makes sense, and will make it easier to lose items over time.  Use Shelves Install shelves in your storage unit and put the boxes on the shelves. Do not stack the boxes in piles. Putting the boxes on shelves makes it easier to pull down boxes one at a time. Boxes stored in stacks without shelves are less convenient to access, because the entire stack must be disassembled in order to access boxes at the bottom.  Make Aisles When loading your storage unit with boxes, build in aisles into the shelves or stacks of boxes. This walkable space will ensure easy access to all boxes, even boxes at the back of the unit, and will help you get into and out of your storage unit quickly.  Establish “Zones” Pack boxes containing similar items into “zones” so that you’ll know where to go look for specific categories of items within your storage unit. For example, if you choose to pack your Christmas decorations to the left side of the storage unit, then you go to your storage unit for your artificial Christmas tree, you’ll know to take a left turn as soon as you walk in the door.  For more tips and tricks, speak with a customer service representative at a self storage unit, such as Benson St...

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4 Packing Tips For Your Next Move Into A New Home

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If you’re like many people, packing can be one of the most stressful parts of moving from one home to another. Here are some packing tips to help make things easier. Clear Out Clutter First To make packing easier, one of the first things you can do is to decide what you won’t bring to your new home. Get rid of the clutter in your office, for instance. Go through closets and get rid of old coats and clothes that no longer fit you. Discard things that you hoped to fix someday but never got around to doing so. By clearing out clutter before you begin boxing things, you avoid packing things that you really don’t need to take with you. Pack Room by Room One way to cut down on the stress that accompanies packing up an entire house is to move room by room. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your entire house up; instead, do one room at a time, starting as early as possible. For example, you can pack up your second bathroom or the hall closet first. Give yourself a day or two for each individual room, and the entire packing process won’t seem so overwhelming. Take Pictures of Cables for Your Electronics If you’re packing up televisions, computers and other electronics devices, you might be worried that you will not be able to remember which cable plugs into which hole. To avoid problems, take photos of the way the cables should be before unplugging everything and packing it up. That will help you set things up after your move. After you take pictures, use one big plastic bag or baggie for the cords for each individual device and label each bag. That way, when you get to your new place you don’t have to figure out which cords go with which devices. Don’t Pack Hazardous Materials While you may think nothing of packing all your belongings and putting them on the moving truck, it is important that you don’t pack things that should not be transported by your movers. Typically, this will include anything that might explode or ignite. Ammunition, guns, gasoline and pesticides are among items that shouldn’t be packed without the knowledge of your moving company. Even items like paint and nail polish remover are generally not allowed. Check with your moving company (such as Bekins Van Lines Inc) for a list of items you will have to transport yourself. Now that you have some packing ideas, the process can move more smoothly. If you still feel overwhelmed, ensure you choose a moving company that offers you comprehensive packing services that will help you get your things into your new home without additional...

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Don’t Leave Yourself A The Stove Without A Pan: Three Keys To Packing Your Kitchen

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One of the trickiest rooms to pack when you are moving is the kitchen. One reason for this is that there is just so much to sort through. On top of that, you have breakables, sharps, and other hard-to-pack items that you must sort through. If you want to efficiently pack your kitchen, the following steps can help: Set Aside Transition Items As you are sorting through your kitchen supplies, keep an eye out for items that you will need during the last couple of days in your old house, as well as items you will need during the first couple of days in your new house. If you get too carried away with packing your kitchen quickly, it is easy to pack up supplies that you could finish up and throw away before you have to move as well, as items that will help you to save money by cooking meals at your new home. Stocking a transition box can help. Your transition box should be the last item you pack, the last item on your truck, and the first box you unload and open at your new house.  Get Your Hands on Some Cell Kits When you are packing up vases, pitchers, or other drinking wear, you don’t want to just wrap them up and then throw them in a box. Instead, you want to keep glass items from bumping into each other. A cell kit is a grid made from interlocking sheets of cardboard. Placing a cell kit in a box will give you sleeves to protect your glassware. Wrapping each glass in newspaper for padding, then sliding it into a cell, should keep it safe through your move.  Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need Moving gives you a chance to sort through your drawers and cupboards to find implements that you never use. Do you have a mandolin that you saw on a cooking show but never use? Do you have two blenders because one came at such a good deal? Do you have the odd implement that you got at your bridal shower but never use? Chances are, you have a few items in your kitchen that don’t really need to make your move with you. To save room in your moving truck and to make the job of moving easier, get rid of items that you really don’t need.  Packing up your home can be a Herculean task. Organizing your efforts can help, but loading up your home is difficult; there’s just no way around that. The steps above should help to get your kitchen ready to move, but if you don’t feel up to the task, you should consider hiring a moving...

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How To Make The Most Of A Self-Storage Unit When Moving

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If you’re struggling with too many items before a big move into a smaller home, you can take advantage of a storage unit that can provide extra room. While renting a storage unit is a fairly easy task, you may end up frustrated due to the size or condition of the unit without a bit of preparation. By taking the time to compare storage facilities and the units they offer, you can end up with a storage unit that provides plenty of room for your belongings and will continue to serve you in the months of years to come: Consider if You Need Short or Long-Term Storage The period that you’re planning on renting a storage unit for can make a big difference in both cost and design. In order for you to be satisfied with your new storage unit, it’s recommended that you consider how long you intend on renting one. If you intend on renting a unit for a longer period, you can save money by choosing a facility that focuses on long-term storage. Look Into the Size and Rates of Storage Units The sizes of storage units will make a big difference in their costs and appeal to you, making it important to take a look at what you intend on using the unit for. If you have a ton of boxes and furniture to place in the unit, you’ll likely need a larger unit to accommodate everything. Since the cost of rentals usually go up based on size, you’ll want to find a good balance for your needs. Visit Facilities With Different Types of Storage With both long-term and short-term storage in mind, you’ll quickly find that the units offered can vary in design as well. Compact container style storage units that aren’t easily accessible, but affordable, could be best if you don’t plan on visiting the facility often. By considering your options and visiting storage facilities for tours, you can determine the best fit. Only Store Things You Want to Keep Getting rid of some of your unneeded belongings is crucial if you’re concerned with the amount of room you’ll be taking up in the storage unit. By sorting through all of your belongings well ahead of the move, you can easily determine what should be brought along, thrown away, donated, and placed in storage. As you explore your options for storage units and facilities, you’ll get closer to finding the best choice for your needs. Instead of rushing into making a decision, you can take tours and consider your specific needs so that you’ll be satisfied with your rental. To learn more, contact a company like ABC Moving &...

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Keeping Your Storage Unit Contents Away From Moisture

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If you are planning on putting some of your belongings in storage, you will want to do whatever necessary to keep them free from moisture, as it can have detrimental impact on their condition. There are a few tasks you can do yourself to help keep your items moisture-free, saving them from mold and mildew as a result. Here are some tips to use when storing your items to help keep them safe and dry. Start With The Floor Before you move any items into your storage unit, take the time to bring in a large tarp to cover the floor. This is kept in place using duct tape or by placing bricks along the perimeter. Having a tarp as a floor will help keep moisture from getting in through the existing flooring. If there are cracks in the cement, moisture might seep through when weather conditions leave the ground overly saturated. Placing your own flooring down will help keep it contained. Use Some Height Use wooden pallets to keep materials items off of the ground. Wooden pallets are often found at warehouses or on the side of the road when people no longer wish to keep them, making them a wonderful free way raise your items in your storage unit. Place a few of them next to each other and use a carpet remnant or a piece of thick cardboard on top of them as a platform for larger pieces of furniture, electronics or equipment. The platform is needed so the legs or smaller pieces on the items do not poke through between the pallet slats, possibly risking moisture exposure. Place Items In Bins Plastic storage bins are the best way to keep smaller items from becoming damaged by moisture. The bins are air-tight, leaving your belongings in a spot that will stay completely safe while in storage. Make sure to use the proper lids when sealing and double-check that the lid is on tightly before placing in your storage unit. Make sure clothing is not at all damp when storing so it does not become mildewed when in the storage bin.  Add A Drying Agent Buy a piece of cedar wood from your local lumberyard or hardware store. Cut it into small pieces and place them in different spots around your storage unit. Cedar attracts moisture and will help to keep the atmosphere inside your unit dry and comfortable. Cedar also has a pleasing odor, making your entire unit enjoyable to walk through when visiting to look through your items. For more storage tips, contact a company like Island...

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