Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Hello, my name is Devon Vester. I am here to talk to you about vehicle storage options. I have a strong passion for vehicles of all kinds. As a result, I am always picking up vintage vehicles to fix and sell. Unfortunately, I only have one authorized parking spot in front of my home. I cope with this limitation by storing all of my acquired vehicles in a high quality facility. Storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage options for vehicles. Indoor options may even be temperature and humidity controlled to protect the paint and interior materials. I hope to explore all of the storage options to help you pick the best unit for your vehicles. I will talk about the different vehicle parts that benefit from sitting in a garage rather than staying outdoors in the elements. Thank you.

Keeping a Sports Card Collection Safe: Why a Climate Controlled Self-storage Unit Is Ideal


Have you been collecting sports cards for a long time and now have boxes of them in your home? You can free up space in your home it you store the cards in a climate controlled self-storage unit. Below, find out why a climate controlled self-storage unit is the best way to store your sports card collection without causing them any damage.

What Makes a Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit Ideal for Sports Cards?

The great thing about a sports card collection is that they become more valuable the longer you have them. However, keeping them stored the wrong way can lead to them becoming damaged. Sports cards that are not in top shape will have little to no value, so it is important to keep them in a clean and moisture-free environment. Renting a climate controlled self-storage unit is ideal for your sports cards because you won't have them in your home cluttering up space, and you can keep them more organized.

The main perk of storing sports cards in a climate controlled self-storage unit is that you won't have to worry about your cards turning yellow or growing mold. You can keep the temperature in the storage unit set at a level that is not too hot or cold. The card will also be located inside of a building, which can protect them from exposure to rain or humid temperatures that create moisture.

Renting a storage unit for your card collection is also like having a safe, as you won't have to worry about anyone taking your cards. You will be the only one with the combination to the lock on the storage unit.

What Does a Climate Controlled Self-Storage Unit Cost?

You will have to pay a monthly fee for a climate controlled self-storage unit that is based on how big it is. If you don't intend on storing anything else in the unit, you may find that a unit that is 10x15 feet is sufficient enough for your sports car collection. You can expect a climate controlled unit of that size to cost a minimum of $115 per month.

Taking the time to properly store a sports card collection can lead to a big profit one day. Don't allow your collection to get ruined and lose its value. Stop by a self-storage unit rental company (such as Falmouth Self Storage) to get your cards out of the house and into a climate controlled space!


18 March 2015