Exploring Vehicle Storage Options

Hello, my name is Devon Vester. I am here to talk to you about vehicle storage options. I have a strong passion for vehicles of all kinds. As a result, I am always picking up vintage vehicles to fix and sell. Unfortunately, I only have one authorized parking spot in front of my home. I cope with this limitation by storing all of my acquired vehicles in a high quality facility. Storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage options for vehicles. Indoor options may even be temperature and humidity controlled to protect the paint and interior materials. I hope to explore all of the storage options to help you pick the best unit for your vehicles. I will talk about the different vehicle parts that benefit from sitting in a garage rather than staying outdoors in the elements. Thank you.

Storing For Easy Access: Tips To Help You Find What You Need When You Need It At Your Self Storage


Many people who rent self storage units are most concerned with packing as many boxes into their space as possible. To these customers, maximizing the use of space is more important than gaining easy access to the boxes in storage. Still, some people who rent self storage are concerned about gaining easy, quick access to their belongings. If you are one of these people, follow these tips to store your items and retain easy access to all your boxes. 

Label Each Box on All Sides

The first and most important thing you can do that will help you find the box you need when you need it is to clearly write the contents of each box on all the sides as well as the top. Preferably, you'll use new boxes to store these items. However, if you choose not to use new boxes, be sure to cross off any old labels on the boxes so the words can't be read any more.

Avoid Packing Unrelated Contents into Boxes

When packing boxes, avoid the temptation to put unrelated categories of items into a single box. For example, never mix your Christmas decorations with old kitchen supplies. Fitting together unrelated items into one box will make it harder to store the boxes in a way that makes sense, and will make it easier to lose items over time. 

Use Shelves

Install shelves in your storage unit and put the boxes on the shelves. Do not stack the boxes in piles. Putting the boxes on shelves makes it easier to pull down boxes one at a time. Boxes stored in stacks without shelves are less convenient to access, because the entire stack must be disassembled in order to access boxes at the bottom. 

Make Aisles

When loading your storage unit with boxes, build in aisles into the shelves or stacks of boxes. This walkable space will ensure easy access to all boxes, even boxes at the back of the unit, and will help you get into and out of your storage unit quickly. 

Establish "Zones"

Pack boxes containing similar items into "zones" so that you'll know where to go look for specific categories of items within your storage unit. For example, if you choose to pack your Christmas decorations to the left side of the storage unit, then you go to your storage unit for your artificial Christmas tree, you'll know to take a left turn as soon as you walk in the door. 

For more tips and tricks, speak with a customer service representative at a self storage unit, such as Benson St Storage.


22 July 2015